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Instagram Killed @hydro74

So the Apocalypse didn't happen, but on Instagram, there was one fatality, it was my Instagram account.  The @hydro74 is no more.  There was no warning, no hint, no email and left are 15k followers going 'Where did that motherfucker go..?

Here is the story.  Today (12-21-12) I started with a little font sale pic to trade fonts for beer money.  In my standard, not so saint like fashion a image was sent to me that I laughed at and posted.  The image was simple, a My LIttle Pony with a Fleshlight 'hooha'. (preview here)  After 20 comments in a few minutes of 'LOL', 'oh shit', 'I call seconds'... I went for a smoke break to check again and found that my Instagram account was shut down.  I post funny shit all the time along with booze i'm drinking, trips I'm on and some of my bad ass art I mouse click.  Very unexpected.  

Doesn't look like there is much I can do except start a new Instagram @hydrosevenfour which sucks.  So, rule of thumb IG users.. show no fake pussy's!!!