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Back in Black 2 | It’s on!


Sorry for the lack of updates. There has been so much going on over the past month that trying to make time to even update my site seems like a extra task I would try to push on till later. Between Chris & I working on the Back in Black Show, kicking out pieces for the Offspring, Kiss, Globe and Quiksilver, I’ve realized that I have neglected this.

Well, last night with the assistance of Ryan Chase, we were able to get the Back in Black site launched. Above are my two pieces for the show. In the middle of getting the site ready for launch, I was in the middle of two IChat conversations with Maxx242 & ISO50 as well as trying to wrap up details on another deadline. I’ve gotten pretty good at muli-tasking. So anyway. A few things we have going on for the Back in Black event are some special giveaways from Anarchy Eyewear & Angel Eyewear. They are providing a great selection for Anarchy Sunglasses for guys and Angel Sunglasses for the girls. We will also have this (above) limited edition print at the show which I’ll be signing and numbering to give out. So yeah, check out the Back in Black site and see what is going on!


Back in Black 1 Video | From the First Event.

Back in Black T-Shirt Show from Solid Motive on Vimeo.

This is the Video from the first Back in Black show. Turned out great. However Black and Black 2 will be live soon and the event is May 16th, with pre-orders going live May 1st. Check out the Back in Black link and check out the roster so far.


The Golden Black


Chris Parks from Pale Horse just launched The Golden Black, which is a stock site that focuses on the more aggressive styles in the design market. Involved in this project is Godmachine, Los Fokos, Pale Horse and Hydro74 (me..). I know soon I’ll be adding to the selection some freebies in vector and fonts, as well as some cheap fonts exclusive to GoldenBlack. Basically, Chris and I wanted a stock site that we would dig if we saw it. Something without the high brow snobbery, or just stupid stock you see everywhere else. It’s basically a stock site where you have free reign over the files for usage. No Rules, just abuse. I am still going to offer up my fonts here on my site, but will now have another option.

Check out the site: The Golden Black


YRB vs Hydro74


A while back I was offered a spot in YRB to help with a battle mixer-upper. The Issue is coming out shortly (if it isn’t already out) with my work mixed in a few pages. Pretty exciting.


New Ink…


About a week ago I had my appointment at RedLetter1 to get my new tattoo done up. Still have another session coming up on my birthday (April 9th) so that way it’s healed up before the Back in Black event. I basically wanted the Angelo (the artist) to do his thing. My only reference was a skull, snake and roses. The reason for the skull is because I get so much shit from people about how uncool they are, yet I feel they are timeless and represent a iconic position in graphic design & art. The snake (besides being cool as hell) is to represent the ‘haters’ always there to take you down. And the roses… just a rose, ha. It’s just good symbolism. I also had BJ Betts, who is one of the top tattoo typographers out there do a couple scripts a while back. One is my kid’s names and the other is Peity (piety spelled incorrectly). Piety is in basic form, the search for perfection/purity. No one ever reaches that, so thought it was rad. So now, the debate… how much further do I go?… Kinda want more dammit, but need to wait till I have a good idea. Anyway….




Been trying to get more time in to just concept sketches and work out vector solutions. I’ve been posting recent things quite often on Twitter and Facebook quite regularly. Eventually I am planning on taking a sketch and vectoring it up on ustream so you can watch me in progress. However, not sure when that will happen, but I’ll keep you posted. So yeah, hit me up on Facebook or Twitter.


Scion Posters for Tour Events


Just wrapped up a couple posters for Scion & Revolt Marketing this past week. Trying to explore some styles and going for that little thing called ‘diversity’. See, no skulls, sorry haters, my next post will have a skull in it, hahaha. Outside of that, just been busy. good times!


Back in Black 2 Teaser

Just got done doing this up. Still has glitches, but all it is a teaser for the upcoming show. Hope you enjoy.


Back in Black 2 | It’s on!


May 16th, at the Czar Vodka Bar, in Ybor Florida, Back in Black 2 will be kicking it off again. To this point we have art lined up by: Brian Morris, Iso50, 123Klan, Maxx242, Munk One, Julie West, Godmachine, Jimiyo, Dan Mumford, and many others.

In progress of redeveloping the site, but in the mean time, check out Back in Black, as well as consistent updates on Back in Black on Facebook & Back in Black on Twitter. We’ll be updating with any details, information and various artist goodies we get.


Hydro74 Typography Book | Proofs In


Sorry for the weak photos, they are from my phone. Just got proofs in for the Hydro74 Typography book. Will be shipping out next week. Discovered a few glitches which will be sorted out, which is great… why I love proofs. There is still time to take advantage of the pre-order lower price before the 15th over at Legacy of Defeat. This book turned out solid and it’s 60 pages thick with over 250 pieces of type involved..